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Social Media Marketing

We write the love story between data and creativity, giving rise to new ecosystems in which each message can be as effective as possible. We study, we create, and we take action to best achieve our customers’ goals.

Social Media Strategy

Extravagant strategies to appear innovative? That’s not our style. We study our customers, their industries, the reference market, their goals and their targets. This is the only way we can really determine the most effective strategy to put in place.

Engagement Initiatives

We study the latest developments in the world of social media, user behavior on platforms, trends, and new technologies to propose concepts, challenges, events, live streaming, and all the most innovative activities to achieve our customers’ goals.

Social Media & community Management

We believe in the deep bond that can be created between a brand and its community. We feed this constantly, first selecting the channels and then publishing the content to create and nurture a healthy environment for conversation.

Social Media Analytics

In an age of measurement, we have chosen a test & learn approach. We turn the data we collect into real, actionable insights. We analyze the entire social media ecosystems of our customers, going beyond engagement and measuring the level of empathy between the user and the brand. This is how we allow our strategies to evolve.

Social & Forum Listening

We are conversation hunters. We explore the jungle of online chat on a daily basis through social networks and the web. We combine qualitative and quantitative analyses to identify specific topics, industries, brands and products.


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