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Intelligence & Visualization

We have a pragmatic and direct approach, which we use to support our customers on their journey to mastering the data they have at their disposal. The aim is to extract key indicators in order to make informed business decisions.

Data Governance

In order to fully master your data, you have to start by mapping out your company’s information systems. This allows you to design a strategy that integrates the data and, therefore, go beyond the viewpoints of the individual company divisions.

Advanced KPI Modelling

Choosing the right KPIs is the foundation for accurate and complete performance monitoring. Often, standard KPIs are not enough. At HDM, we deal with this shortcoming by designing new, ad hoc dataflows and modeling indicators that meet the individual needs of our customers and their businesses.

Predictive Analytics

Can you understand your target’s interests in advance? Thanks to the use of algorithms and machine learning techniques, we help you create a predictive overview of interest metrics. In this way, it’s not just new stimuli that are added to the decision-making process. You can also obtain ex-post evaluations on the impact of spot activities, such as offline campaigns or promotions. Just like Netflix when it suggests content that is right for us.

Data Visualization

What should you do with data you are unable to understand? Simplifying how information is used facilitates the way it is read and encourages you to find out more. The power of visualization lies in its ability to create new points of view, to translate numbers into useful and usable information, and to reveal hidden patterns and solutions that can guide business decisions.

Visualization gives you answers to questions you didn’t know you had – Ben Shneidermann


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