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We map out unexplored routes in marketing to interpret new models of communication. We combine Data and Creativity to generate concrete results with our customers.

We study data scientifically and work enthusiastically to convert these data into the most suitable messages possible, all to make our clients’ communications stand out along the entire customer journey.

But we don’t stop there. We love enriching our content, adding to it constantly with what we learn and discover on a daily basis, to make it result in conversions. By planning campaigns based on audience and objectives, we can identify which activities, channels and formats are most suitable for turning targeted communications into real personalized messages.

Thanks to the continuous analysis we carry out using the most advanced technologies, we are able to understand, test and change direction quickly, safe in the knowledge that our only aim is to optimize results.

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Our Standard

We believe that continuous development is the best way to stay true to ourselves. This is why we are always prepared to challenge our own ideas, to map out unexplored routes. However, some fixed points of reference along the way are always useful as well.


For our team, this is a mindset. It is the driving force we need that makes us improve constantly and independently


We feel free every day because we make sure all the work we are responsible for is of a high standard and delivered on time


We take a responsible approach to pursuing excellence, developing ideas courageously and thinking outside the box. At the same time, we learn from our mistakes as a model of success for innovation


We believe in the value of bringing together different points of view. We find this diversity provides us with a strong foundation to face the complexities of our challenges


The team is the space where individuals can reach their full potential thanks to transparent collaboration. We believe that mutual trust and tangible support translate into a competitive advantage

Our Team

What makes our work unique? Being able to count on an incredible team.

We are Growing in H-FARM

H-FARM Digital Marketing is the company of H-FARM based in Milan, which operates in 360° marketing with particular attention to digital innovation.

HDM which brings together the legacy of successful consulting companies in the field of strategic marketing and digital transformation, is part of H-FARM’s international hub, whose campus extends just a few kilometres from the Venice lagoon.

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