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Awareness Advertising

It’s just the way we are: when we believe in a message, we want to shout it from the rooftops, turning it into a real communication masterpiece. Thanks to our approach of combining data and creativity, we are able to propose omnichannel communication strategies. We work with our customers to plan, optimize and analyze awareness campaigns until each potential tool follows the beat of our drum.

Planning & Buying Online/Offline

Managing to create an unforgettable beat inevitably relies on using the right tools. It is therefore important to choose the most suitable channels, with the best formats, and to negotiate and buy media space on all the main means of communication.

Branded Entertainment

Just like influencer marketing, as far as we’re concerned, branded entertainment campaigns are the result of a spark that is lit between a brand and a piece of content. Whether it’s a partnership with a magazine, an information portal, a streaming platform or a television or radio network, we enjoy carefully designing, developing and managing all Branded Entertainment activities so that the message reaches the people who can’t wait to hear it.

Media Optimization & Advisory

Just like a conductor, we enjoy leading the choir. This is why we also offer our customers consultancy to optimize their communication strategies and media plans. We provide best practices and recommendations based on the company’s business and communication goals to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of activities.

Brand Analysis

Does our audience like our interpretation? To answer this question and optimize future strategies, we use owned, predictive tools and reliable partners. These enable us to carry out brand awareness, brand consideration and intention-to-buy analyses, which in turn allow us to predict user behavior.


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