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Content Strategy & Management

What makes any communication relevant? Its content, which should be simple but not trivial. Before communicating anything to our customers and prospects, we must first identify what information they need. It’s a bit like in everyday life: gaining an insight into the interests of people we talk to cannot be separated from listening to them. For this reason, we can guide you through the process of developing an editorial strategy that uses listening as its starting point.

Data-Driven Editorial Strategy

What does having a data-driven approach mean? It means turning the data we obtain into editorial strategies for your blog. This is why we measure user interests and entwine them with your business. We monitor performance and adjust strategies through a continuous optimization process. Because we love numbers as much as we love words.

Planning & Management

We help you organize your workflow to feed your content hub and make your production and approval processes efficient. We put in place customized tools for your strategy that are tailor-made for your team.

Content Production & Empowerment

We believe in enhancing each piece of content so it achieves the full success it deserves. Optimization for search engines, guest-writing projects and improvement of the user experience (through videos, infographics, carousels, interactive maps and the development of an ad hoc visual strategy) are just some of the roads open to us. Where should we start?


What we can do for your business?