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Conversion Rate Optimization

Bringing users to your website is a complex matter, so converting these visits into concrete actions is essential. This could mean leaving a lead, purchasing a product/service or simply viewing specific content. In order to achieve these results, we focus on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), a method based on studying users. It takes into account their behavior and preferences to get a higher percentage of people to complete the action we want them to.

User Path Analysis

While browsing a website, users often run into some kind of difficulty that can lower the conversion rate. To simplify the use of the website and optimize its performance, we analyze interactions and browsing patterns that help us identify potential drop-offs and improve user experience.

Heuristic Analysis

How do you determine which aspects cause issues and which enhance the experience for the user who is browsing your website? By using heuristic and behavioral analysis, which translates into two different courses of action: CRO Audit and Heatmap & Session Analysis.
The first is based on industry best practices and aims to provide guidelines to optimize the user experience. Instead, Heatmap & Session Analysis analyzes heatmaps and recordings of sessions in real time to identify the concrete aspects that block users in the as-is experience.

User Test

There are some elements that numbers alone cannot tell us: emotions, criticisms and opinions can only be fully understood with direct user observation. User tests are an effective tool to find out about the reasons underlying each weakness and what users want in terms of experience.
Observing a panel of users who represent the website’s user base enables issues to be identified that would otherwise be impossible to detect and are often essential to optimize conversions.

A/B testing

Trusting our experience and believing in best practices is often not enough. Sometimes, data need to be put first, before opinions.
An optimized user experience for both users and your business can only be produced by analyzing the close cause and effect relationship inherent in the different elements of each template, saving time and money.
As a result of this conviction, we promote a test & learn culture, which is aimed at creating a continuous optimization process that relies on data. The use of A/B testing is part of this, providing information on high-impact and added-value elements for users.

Growth Hacking

Who says growth hacking is only useful for small companies? Certainly not us. At HDM, we believe that the strategic approach involving continuous experimentation is the key to giving all brands added value and increasing sales. This consists of scouting new technologies and innovative tools, and immediately rolling out new solutions.


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