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Marketing Automation

Do you think marketing automation is only used to automate repetitive activities? HDM’s marketing automation certainly isn’t. We combine technical expertise and 360-degree marketing vision to extend activities from a multichannel perspective by integrating SMS, push notifications, advertising and on-site recommendations.

Account Based Marketing

Identifying and engaging specific groups of users within companies provides our customers with enormous value. Knowing this, we create innovative account-based marketing strategies that aim to automate and constantly optimize nurturing activities.

Direct Marketing

Establishing direct contact with the customer is the foundation for our strategies. We take care of engaging customer databases, paying particular attention to deliverability and fielding continuous A/B testing activities aimed at improving channel performances.

Marketing Automation Strategy

Working in marketing automation means bringing together different marketing channels and making sure they speak the same language. This is why, at HDM, we believe in using a multichannel approach that aims to bring people in companies together, to design customer journeys that enrich the entire customer experience with the brand.

Software Selection & Activation

Often, it isn’t easy to find your bearings in the mishmash of marketing automation tools and platforms available on the market. Here at HDM, we have developed direct experience with many of these over time. Every year, we invest in training and getting up-to-date, precisely to stay ahead of the game and work on the most innovative and tailor-made solutions of the moment.


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