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Martech & Adtech

The marketing universe is constantly moving, but what allows it to keep expanding? The answer is MarTech & AdTech, or rather, all the technology that enables brands to collect, manage and analyze data, and automate all the activities that support digital marketing, to guide companies towards continuous innovation.

Platform & Data Ownership

Having access to data is important, but owning it is crucial. Thanks to the Platform & Data Ownership process, we help our customers internalize platforms with the aim of maximizing control and transparency.

Analytics Setup & Management

How do you get actionable insights? By correctly tracking information on digital properties, of course. But where should you start out from? From Analytics Setup & Management, or rather, from all the activities relating to the configuration, implementation and maintenance of the main web/app analytics tools on the market, such as Google Analytics, Adobe (the list is quite a bit longer).

CDP Setup

Nowadays, one of the main challenges for brands is to overcome sealed compartments that prevent an overall view and, therefore, a full understanding of the processes and information. Thanks to Customer Data Platforms (CPDs), we help companies collect all the data available on the customer to compile it in a single database. This is then integrated by a series of other marketing systems, such as the DMP and other platforms used by the company, from which the database can easily be accessed. Setting up the DMP also allows you to gather and use information on the customer base, taking advantage of the mine of information within the company.

DMP Setup

Why should all brands know about the Data Management Platform (DMP)? Because it allows you to compile different kinds of data from multiple online, offline and mobile sources. And this in turn allows you to generate highly profiled audiences for the advertising market or to monetize the data through other commercial agreements. At HDM, we work with our customers during the DMP setup phase, offering different activities and expertise. These range from the technical implementation of the tool to the definition of taxonomies, with the final goal of granting full independent use of the DMP.

Traffic Monetization

What does attracting the right target, increasing engagement and maximizing advertising revenues mean? In a nutshell, it means making the most of your investments. Traffic Monetization is an assessment of a brand’s digital presence. Thanks to this assessment, we help our customers identify a series of concrete actions that allow them to make the most of their digital data and increase the associated revenues.

Audience discovery & Activation

A brand that wants to address its audience correctly never stops studying its characteristics. This is why we believe in audience discovery activities that start out by understanding business needs. They then go on to define and/or continuously identify the right target audiences with first-, second- and third-party data, allowing the audience to be activated for advertising purposes.


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