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Big Data Analytics

In today’s digital world, companies are able to collect and store huge volumes of information
on a daily basis. In this fast-paced setting full of twists and turns, it is easy to lose your
bearings. If processed correctly, however, data represent a first step to understanding the
context that surrounds us. They guide us in our search for hidden patterns that give us real
value and in optimizing communication strategies.

User Digital Behaviour

Data are not opinions. Thanks to the finely detailed analyses we carry out on the interaction data of individual users, we can build marketing strategies that are based on an extremely personalized, user-centered approach.

Clustering for Digital Personas

How well do you know your target? Data can tell us their secrets. With machine learning
algorithms, we can extract relevant information to identify the typical profiles within your
customer base and construct highly profiled strategies.

Path to Conversion Analysis

Nowadays, before purchasing a product or registering a lead, users go on intricate journeys both within and beyond brand properties. The actions they take on their way, however, represent a fountain of useful information to better understand your business and the effectiveness of the marketing activities you planned. So much data is collected along their journeys that it’s easy to lose track. But, thanks to the most innovative techniques and technologies, we can help you pick out the right messages from the noise.

Attribution Modelling

Single-touch attribution models (like last-click models) are an outdated approach to performance reading. Analyzing user journeys opens the way to modeling that is tailor-made for companies: where the attribution responds flexibly to the dynamics between the channels.


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